The world of cuisines at its best!


          Namaskar! Welcome to Khazana, a very special restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Welcome to a whole, new, exciting menu and one of the best Indian dining experiences. Get set for a rich culinary journey that’ll linger in your memory for a long time to come.
         I opened my first Khazana in Dubai, in 1998. Though launching a restaurant successfully, that too out of India, seemed a daunting task, by God’s grace and love of the people, it became a runaway success. During that time, I stayed in Dubai for several months at a stretch, just to get right all the elements I had envisioned. I wanted everything perfect and I’m glad that eventually it was. The menu with creations like Keema aur Hari Mirch do Pyaaza, Kachche Gosht ki Biryani and our signature dishes like Lalla Mussa Dal, Shaam Savera, etc. wooed not just denizens of Dubai, but people from all over the world. I was happy!
          It’s been two decades now, and Khazana is still the reference point for many to open a Sanjeev Kapoor restaurant. Meanwhile, I came up with more restaurants (The Yellow Chilli, Signature, Hong Kong, Sura Vie, Grain of Salt and India Green) under myriad categories of dining. However the concept of Khazana was getting sandwiched between a mid-segment The Yellow Chilli and a fine-dining Signature. So, it was pretty much time for me to reinvent and what better way than the new-age Khazana at a great location.
           Khazana’s pride is an exquisite range of dishes touching the pinnacle of culinary excellence. At Khazana, intense focus is on taste, pleasing the palate with strong emphasis on flavours, quality of ingredients and textures. Our revamped menu gets a sparkling, fresh identity with a contemporary rendition of traditional Indian food. It includes outstanding vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, desserts and my signature creations packaged in a contemporary way. Small pre-plated meals formed by grouping various dishes, served with fitting accompaniments
will take your taste buds to a sublime state of gratification.
           Try the ‘Kabsa Biryani’ for its sheer succulence and flavour or the ‘Ker sangri Tacos’ for an Indo-Mexican dish like never before. The ‘24K Dal’ simmered to perfection for more than 24 hours, will definitely leave a mark on your palate! Decadent desserts, one of my favourite parts of the menu, like ‘Daulat ki Malai,’ ‘Mishti Doi Brulee‘ and ‘Gulab-e-Gulkand’ will see you ending your meal on a high note. There’s lot more, but revealing it all would mean taking away the excitement of finding out for yourself!
            All my restaurants have a commitment to maintaining the loftiest standards in hospitality and cuisine. Your dining pleasure is my top priority and I shall strive to give you that. Every time you eat here.
Do come back, we love having you over.

Sanjeev Kapoor